Guardian Waterproofing Inc. History
Guardian Waterproofing Inc. management team supervised its first installation in June, 1973. We are one of the largest privately held waterproofing firms serving the state of Michigan.

Our technologies have been developed through extensive research over the past 40 years, by the nations leading experts on basement waterproofing. These experts have inspected in excess of 100,000 homes and have supervised the installation of over 100 million dollars.

Guardian Waterproofing Inc. systems are installed in over 50,000 homes in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington D. C., New Jersey, Ohio, Delaware, and Michigan. Our systems have been tested under all types of soil conditions and have proven to be the most effective method for permanently solving basement water problems.

This modern technology is the same technology now employed by the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers. It also meets, if not exceeds, the standards of both the F. H. A. and the V. A.

"We Do It Right the First Time"