Free Basement Leak Inspection
There are lots of reasons basements leak: false water tables, hydrostatic pressure, seam infiltration, settlement and more.  And there are even more reasons why you should fix your leaky basement -- leaky basements can cause severe health problems, structural problems, loss of space and damage to your stored items.

The first step to fixing your leaky basement it to get a free inspection from Guardian Basement Waterproofing. For your free inspection we will check for the following:

Hydrostatic Pressure, Capillarity, Wall Moisture, Cove Leaks, Wall Seepage, Floor Seepage, Lolly Column Leaks, Seam Infiltration, Chimney, Window Wells, Stairway, Efflorescent, Poor Masonry, Sandy Mortar, Crumbling Walls Horizontal Buckling, Mortar Cracks, Block Cracks, Floor Cracks, Vertical Wall Cracks, Buckled Wall, Musty Odors, Dampness, Floods, Honey-Comb Floors, Beveled Floor, Settling Problems, Severe Wall Damage, Severe Floor Damage, Outside Cracks, Lifting Floor Tiles, Mold/Mildew, Fungus/Dry Rot, Rust, Blistered Paint, Insect Infiltration, Warped Paneling, Grade Problem, No Parging, Improper Water, Footing Undermined, Floor Undermined

Free Leak Inspection

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